Popular 3 Colors for This Spring & Summer

Popular 3 Colors for This Spring & Summer

At the turn of spring and summer, the sun is shining, and the mood has become extraordinarily cheerful. Along with the strong spring, the girls' outfits seem to have changed a little. The most obvious is the change in color. Compared with winter A variety of dull colors, in this season, most people seem to prefer colorful clothing, with the help of these colors can better highlight charm and temperament.
Before buying new clothes, let's take a look at what colors are popular this year and how to match them to be more fashionable and beautiful.

▎Analysis of color wear

What is the point of color dressing?

Different colors will present different visual perceptions, and can also reflect a person's heart and personality characteristics. Therefore, when dressing and matching, you need to choose the most suitable color according to your own preferences and characteristics. Maximize the atmosphere.
However, color matching is a matter of knowledge. People who cannot master it very well can easily wear it with a rustic feel. There are many ways to match colors, such as the same color, similar colors, contrasting colors, complementary colors, etc. These matching methods can enhance the beauty of the shape and show the personal collocation ability and aesthetics.
What color is trending this year?

1. Smog blue
Blue is a cool color. It is as quiet, empty, and high-end as the blue sky. It always gives people a very peaceful and comfortable atmosphere in terms of visual perception. I can say that blue is a relatively common and practical color, and it does not have high requirements for skin color. Although smog blue was a popular color last year, I think it will still be timeless even this year.

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2. Avocado Green
Green is always a popular color in spring. It can set off the atmosphere of spring very well, showing vitality and vitality. Among green, avocado green is also a very classic popular color. Avocado green seems to be added to green. Some white tones are softer and more attractive, and they are white.
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3. Nude pink
These three colors are popular in spring and summer this year, and the temperament is white, so you can wear them accordingly.
What girl doesn't love pink? Pink is an extremely age-reducing and tender color for women, but if the saturation of pink is too high, it is easy to look too sweet. If you want to be more advanced and youthful, you can try nude pink. The color is very easy to highlight the charm of women, so daily wear can be the first choice.
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